Winemaker`s Journal: November 21, 2012

The harvest and the fermentation are finished. I still have my rosé fermenting, but it’s just a few days more.

All the Port and white and red table wines are now in stainless tanks. We already racked the wines and are perfecting the Port by adjusting the alcohol level to 19%.

The red Douro wines are in the process of malolactic fermentation, slowly because of the low temperature of the winery.

The quality is very interesting in 2012. Wines are more elegant than last year. They are very fresh, with nice acidity, a lot of red and black fruit aromas, and not over-riped as was the case last year.

It reminds me of the 2008 harvest which was an excellent year for us.

We made a fermentation with 35% Tinta Roriz and 65% Touriga Nacional, which is very good and I hope to make a Grande Reserva with it.

In my opinion, the best variety this year was Touriga Nacional. All the wines I made only with Touriga Nacional have a wonderful concentration, very deep color, complexity and I’m very confident with the evolution of them.

After the malolactic fermentation, we will have a better idea of the 2012 harvest!

I will keep you posted,

Jean-Hugues Gros
Senhora Do Convento