5G ExPerimentation Infrastructure
hosting Cloud-nativE Network applications for public proTection and
disaster RElief

About 5G-EPICENTRE Project

5G is considered to be the next decade mainstream broadband wireless technology and can leverage the efficiency and effectiveness of everyday high demanding operations such as Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR). International Telecommunication Union (ITU) considers LTE-Advanced systems and 5G as a mission critical PPDR technology able to address the needs of mission critical intelligence by supporting mission critical voice, data and video services as an IMT radio interface. 5G-EPICENTRE will deliver an open end-to-end experimentation 5G platform focusing on software solutions that serve the needs of PPDR.



Build an end-to-end 5G experimentation platform specifically tailored to the needs of the public safety and emergency response market players.


Pilot 5G systems in PPDR-based trials, successfully demonstrating 5G-EPICENTRE onboarded apps as a crucial communications accompaniment to public safety mission critical communications technologies.


Cultivate a ‘5G Experiments as a Service’ model, which will enable developers and SMEs to experiment with PPDR applications in parameterized, easily repeatable, and shareable environments.


Facilitate automation, continuous deployment and multi-access edge computing supported by containerized network functions, so as to reduce service creation time and time-to-market for 5G solutions.


Leverage Artificial Intelligence for achieving cognitive experiment coordination and lifecycle management, including dynamic 5G slicing, application awareness and insightful ML-driven analytics.


Implement impact-driven dissemination, standardisation and exploitation.


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Project Coordinated by:​

Mr. Alain Dubois

Project Coordinator

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